48 Days

Philadelphia was amazing.  East Coast Medical School?  Also amazing.  I mean that in the literal sense.  I spent 6 days feeling happystunned.  We saw a lot of apartments, and got to know the city enough for me to have a sense of how to go East, West, North and South.  This is something I never figured out in Small Midwest City, and something that's been a thorn in my side the whole time I've been here.  The kids loved it, and were rock stars the whole time we were there. 

What was particularly gratifying was how comfortable I was everywhere I went.  My social anxiety was still there - it always will be, I think - but it was manageable.  People were kind, and the people at my school had the same dorktastic way of being in the world that I do. 

Our neighborhood is described as "up and coming," (read: gentrifying).  Our condo is brand-spanking-new and very modern - premuch the opposite of where we're living right now.  Do I feel weird about being part of a gentrification problem?  Yes, yes I do.  More on that when I've thought it through.  But I like the neighborhood, and it genuinely inspires me on a lot of different levels.  I think we'll be really happy there.

Happy is an emotion this whole family is exploring, and it is such a relief. Here, let's nerd out on it for a minute.

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