The World

Tonight I'm going bowling with my family to celebrate New Years.  I'm going to work out as soon as this headache subsides.  I might go to a dance, but probably not.  Whatever I do, it won't make me sad.  Whatever happens, it won't happen if it doesn't serve me and feed me.   

I really love my brain on joy. 

Last year at this time, I wrote about the tarot card Judgment, and about how for me, everything about 2012  was about being reviewed and held accountable.  And that is one interpretation of the card, but it's also about acknowledgement of inner callings, rebirth and absolution.  So because of that, 2013 was about the consequences of judgement.  It stands to reason that 2014 will be best represented by the very next card in the deck,  The World, which signifies "completion, achievement and fulfilment."

Happy New Year, whatever card you've drawn from the deck.  Be well. 

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