And then it twists around again.

For two years I stumbled around in a psychic wilderness, and then I got my shit together, applied to another medical school... and got in.

Dear Improbable M.D.,

Congratulations! It gives us great pleasure to write this letter to you and to say that your dream of becoming a physician is one major step closer. You have been accepted to East Coast Medical School. You should be proud of all you have done - the sacrifices, the long hours, and the dedication to your personal mission. Your reflections and experiences speak for themselves, and your work from providing opportunities to underrepresented groups to support for HIV testing and treatment is testament to your dedication to build a stronger future for all. Your interviewer spoke glowingly of your accomplishments and character, stating that you are “truly an astounding person: grounded and dedicated; inspiring." You are a leader and a motivator, a person whose integrity and compassion shine through. We invite you to join your mission with ours, and we eagerly welcome you to the class of 2018.

East Coast Medical School has selected you because we know you resonate with our mission and will thrive in our curriculum. Your academic accomplishments speak for themselves. That you chose us first because we match your mission gives us great pride.

In the weeks and months that follow we will keep in touch and allow you to see our school grow. For now I encourage you to take this time to reflect on your accomplishments and celebrate.
We are proud to extend this acceptance and hope to have the honor of working with you as we build a school that will live by its mission as we change our community.


East Coast Medical School Deans

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